Adobe Max 2019
Branding for world's biggest creative conference.

I was approached by Adobe to be the person to brand their HUGE annual conference in LA.

The main challenge here was that I wasn't allowed to use too many colors and also had to work with tools Adobe made, because otherwise it would have looked weird.

The event itself has 20.000 visitors every year and has speakers such as Dave Grohl, Dave Chapelle & Billie Eilish.
I had the pleasure of being a speaker too.

*Sidenote: The gradient was introduced after I already delivered the project, I was only allowed to use black, white and red.

R&D phase.
In the end I've made 5 forms on a 25000x25000 resolution to be used in tons of different ways.
Final usecases
Official signage and output at the LA Convention Centre & Online. Photography by Stephen Schmidt.