Limited edition artwork

I crafted two distinct artworks in celebration of the launch of, an art marketplace. Both pieces emerged from a therapeutic process, addressing certain flaws in my personality.

The entire idea was to have one perfect brushstroke over the canvas, an act of experience and perfection.
The first artwork reflects the tendency to overthink and second-guess decisions during the final stages of creation. This internal dialogue often leads to numerous iterations, disrupting the seamless creative flow and delving too deeply into self-doubt. The series exemplifies how each piece underwent a minimum of 30 iterations to achieve the perfect combination.
The collection comprises one editioned artwork with 133 editions and a unique dynamic artwork that undergoes color changes every 6 hours. The decision to incorporate dynamic color changes was inspired by the challenge of selecting the right color fit for the piece. Embracing the variety of color choices, I transformed it into a dynamic digital artwork that changes every 6 hours, and special colorways were assigned to specific times on the date, depending on your time-zone.

The artworks were part of a sale and all 133 pieces were sold in a minute to celebrate the launch.
R&D Phase

Final approach
The Overthinker - March 2023 / Edition of 133
The Indicisive - Dynamic artwork - February 2023 / edition of 1.
Exhibited in NYC - June 2023