Limited edition screenprints.

Introducing my inaugural physical release featuring screenprints. Each carefully chosen colorway pays homage to a classic method of bringing visuals to life in our world.
Centered around the digital brushstroke, pivotal in my creative journey from the beginning, the concept emphasizes the unique influence of the pen tool, especially on me personally. While artists have their preferred tools, mine has consistently been the pen tool troughout every bit of software I ever touched.
The name "Bezier" is a nod to the curves this tool brings to our digital canvas. Bringing this digital brushstroke to the traditional art world through one of the oldest printing techniques is a beautiful and meaningful connection.

Massive thanks to Vertu Fine Art for the opportunity to exhibit these alongside some of my favorite artists.

The full set has been featured during at Art Miami during Art Basel 2023.
Alongside Warhol, Lichtenstein & Haring

R&D Phase
Decision making on the amount of colors, tones and compositions.
*The printing has been done at Krijger Vormgave Zaandam.

Final Artworks
4 layers, 4 colors each.
Juice Punch - Edition of 10
Skyscraper - Edition of 10
Cuddle - Edition of 10
Solace - Edition of 10

This will be an ongoing project.