a stand-alone project on it's own.

In this profoundly personal piece, I revisited the roots of my creative journey that began in 2004. Combining various techniques acquired over the years, I delved into the essence of my artistic inception. The artwork, a fusion of 3D, 2D, and simple iPad drawings, encapsulates meditative details expressing both introspection and the external highlights of my past year— the birth of our son, success in web3, and transformative journeys.
This creation intentionally departs from slickness and perfection, embodying a raw authenticity. Spending countless hours, I merged elements seamlessly, leaving no room for overthinking or reworking past decisions. This piece stands as a testament to my artistic evolution, skill amalgamation, and a reflection of significant life moments.


"While the majority of artworks in my portfolio consist of series, deep dives into research and development, and larger-scale projects, I felt compelled to include a piece that I consider my personal masterpiece."
Crops, details & workfow.