An audiovisual collaboration for PROOF Grails.

Given only a brief glimpse of the final artwork, buyers are challenged to make decisions based on what resonates with them, unaware of the creator behind it.
The project's concept is a compelling motivation to step outside the comfort zone, emphasizing the creation of the less obvious. While maintaining my regular workflow, I sought to infuse elements from the past, particularly drawing inspiration from my passion for photographing moving objects in the dark—adding an unexpected layer to the project.
To enhance the experience, I collaborated with the talented producer OVACHINSKY from Poland. I invited my friend to create an auditory component that seamlessly complements the visual aspect, resulting in a unique audiovisual experience.
What makes this collaboration remarkable is that it was self-initiated, without a clear idea of how working with a talent from a different field would unfold. I simply included him in the process, allowing him the creative freedom to do his thing.
This venture has not only enriched the project itself but has also opened doors for more explorations in the realm of audiovisual pieces.
"The process of creating the "Echoes" was the pure essence of what I could get from collaborating with another artist. No pressure, no stress, just a spot where visual creativity met audible creativity with a mutual respect for each other's work, but also with a full openness for any changes"


R&D material for the project.
Remote artist interview for the project.

The final 60 second piece of art including the audio called "echoes".
The piece was both exhibited in USN Tokyo twice beside being featured in FOUNDRY LA during it's release.