A unique creative collaboration where data decided what the final outworks looked like.

I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with one of the most successful global sports teams, Oracle Red Bull Racing. They invited me to create a special body of work, granting me access to their highly confidential racing data.
When I started working with Oracle Red Bull Racing, I wasn't sure where the project would go. They wanted a substantial collection representing different aspects of racing and showcasing the brand at its best. The central theme was all about capturing movement, turns, acceleration, and g-force, but with my unique touch. The main challenge and idea was that I had 0 influence on the compositions in the end.
Ultimately, the entire body of work came to life in Cinema 4D, employing a real random generator fueled by lap times, g-force data, and circuit turns. The project resulted in an impressive 200 unique artworks. The entire process was executed using Python and Xpresso and rendered in Redshift in 8K resolution.
This unique collection was specifically crafted for the Heineken Dutch GP 2023 and was prominently featured on social media and in the pitlane. Additionally, the artworks took center stage in a solo exhibition at the MOCO Museum in Amsterdam.
Remarkably, the collaboration sold out within a couple of minutes.

A little backstory about the project

R&D Material and inspiration

Keywords; Motion, Speed, Long-exposure, Photography, Focus, colorful, anticipation.

A fraction of the 200 for Momentum.