Philips - The One
Wallpapers that show the beauty of Ambilight

For three years straight, I was in charge of making Philips' top-selling TVs look and feel special. They wanted a custom premium style that matched their signature color, which is purple. This TV model is known for its Ambilight feature.
I've been working with different artists for a long time, and Philips decided they wanted someone to stick around for a while to keep things consistent. So, for the past three years, we've been tweaking and improving.
Ambilight is all about making the edges of the TV look cool. Even though purple is the main color for this TV, I had to pick other colors that go well with it for both still pictures and when things are moving. This not only made the TV look good but also kept the brand's identity strong.

Agency; Twofish Amsterdam​​​​​​​

R&D Highlights
These are a blend of 3 exploration sessions for every year.

The final outcomes